Canadian Addison Society

Virtual Meeting Schedules

The Support Group virtual meetings listed below, offer an opportunity to have contact with others who may have experienced the same problems as you are having, to obtain new ideas, and to have questions answered. It is a virtual gathering place where those with Addison’s/Adrenal Insufficiency and their family members and friends can come together to exchange information and get ideas on how to cope.
It is good to know that you are not alone even during this difficult time. You are free to attend any meeting on the schedule regardless of geographic location.

Region Date & Time Details Regional Representative
The Territories     Seeking a Regional Representative
Duties of the Regional Representative (PDF)
BC Vancouver Island
    Derek Clarke
BC Vancouver Island
    Sharon Erickson
BC Lower Mainland     Geoff Metcalfe
BC Northern     Tyanna Trottier
BC South/Central     We are looking for a Volunteer Representative for this area.
Alberta     Rosemary Brown
We are looking for a volunteer to share this area.
Saskatchewan     Brenda Dinsdale
Manitoba     Deb Will
Ontario South Central     Melanie Westover
We are looking for a volunteer to share this area.
Ontario Eastern     David Sparks
Quebec Montreal     Shelley Saklatvala
Quebec: Quebec City Region     Julie Collette
Duties of the Regional Representative (PDF)
Atlantic     Annmarie West
Youth     Kyle Yeates