Canadian Addison Society

Local Support Groups

When diagnosed with Addison’s Disease, it is good to know that you are not alone. There can be a steep learning curve for both the individual and the family. Joining a local support group is an opportunity to have personal contact with others who have experienced the same problems as you are having, to get new ideas, and to get questions answered. A support group is a gathering place where Addisonians and family members can come together to exchange information and get ideas on how to cope. Support is one of the best tools for living with Addison's disease.

Interested in starting a Local Support Group in your area? Contact us.

Please contact the Regional Representative, Shelley Saklatvala at (514) 991-0294 or for details.
We are searching for a volunteer to become our Regional Representative for a Quebec City Region Support Group. If you are able to assist in this volunteer role please contact Harold Smith,
In the interim, if you are trying to connect with the Society for support please call our Montreal Area Regional Representative, Shelley Saklatvala at (514)-991-0294 or you may also call the Society via our Toll Free number 1-888-550-5582 or email
The Eastern Ontario Support Group meets twice per year, in May and September/October.
For specific meeting details please see the link for Support Group Meetings or contact volunteer Regional Representative David Sparks at
The South/Central Local Support Group meets twice a year at present. In May and September or October.
For specific meeting details please see the link for Support Group Meetings or contact Sheri Thiffault at thiffaultsheri@gmail.comor phone 647-406-7780.
This small East Coast support group consisting of New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, do not hold meetings at this time.
Support is offered by telephone and/or e-mail directly with the contact person.
Contact: Holly Mclean
Phone: 506-546-1687
Contact Nicki Barr at 306-531-4567 or for details of upcoming meetings in Saskatchewan.
For information on this support group, contact Rosemary Brown at 403-391-1507 or
BC Lower Mainland Group meetings are held twice yearly.
Contact: Geoff Metcalfe
Phone: 604-533-0579
The Vancouver Island (Victoria) support group holds regular meetings twice per year.
Contact: Derek Clarke
Phone: 250-857-4320
Meetings are scheduled occasionally in Nanaimo at the Nanaimo Regional Hospital. Members from the Nanaimo may also wish to attend meetings of the Vancouver Island (Victoria) support group.
Contact: Sharon Erickson
Phone: 250-729-1446
For information on this support group, contact:
Tyanna Trottier at: 250-845-9446